Strategic Alliance to Strengthen Technology Groups

Two Australian technology providers, both with a focus on digital learning, have formed a strategic alliance to enhance their global objectives in education development.

Sonnant Voice Intellect and ThoughtGreen Technologies will work together with a focus in developing the ‘Voice Intellect’ application and ensure the product remains innovative and inclusive to enhance education accessibility and universal learning design.

Sonnant Voice Intellect is a leading-edge technology that provides a complete learning experience, based on content learning principles, through the provision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) led transcription, search, captioning and translation capabilities to video and audio content – giving a multi-dimensional learning experience.

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ThoughtGreen Technologies Australia MD, Mr Raj Vinay explained:

“Our organisation is focused on providing the best IT Professionals using the most up-to-date technologies to deliver the outcomes that Sonnant were after in the Global Education Vertical. Thoughtgreen recognises the opportunity to improve learning outcomes to all is of paramount importance.”

A spokesperson for Sonnant, Mr Arnie Tuchtan, said:

“We are very fortunate to form a Strategic Alliance with the development company Thoughtgreen Technologies Australia.”

“They have brought to the table the technology expertise in research and development that was and will be required to keep ‘Voice Intellect’ at the forefront of Educational Technology which enforces inclusion to all students without exceptions.”

“At Sonnant we recognise that future learning will need to have a strong digital approach that meets the demands of the modern learner; as well as to be able to cater for diverse groups and be accessible to all.”

Sonnant Chief Technical Officer, Mr Paul Crump, said:

“The Strategic Alliance with Thoughtgreen Technologies Australia is delivering this disruptive technology application ‘Voice Intellect’ to students anywhere anytime on any devices.”

A Strategic Alliance was signed between Sonnant ‘Voice Intellect’ and Thoughtgreen Australia 18th September 2019.


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