New Technology for Video Production House

The increase in the use of video content for communication and providing information is on the increase; and for many is the preferred manner to access materials. However, the content is not accessible to all without added features such as captioning and the availability of text. In addition, the use of sound is not always convenient.


 As such Pencil Rocket, a video production house, will commence adding these services as a regular feature of all its productions in order expand the delivery services to its clients.

 Pencil Rocket Co-founder and Managing Director, Mr Daniel Tan explained:

 “Our organisation is focused on producing quality content for our clients. In today’s market, you cannot expect your audience to consume your video content if you don’t provide them with subtitles because most people will not want to turn on the sound in a public setting. With Voice Intellect, we are able to also offer the digital platform to our clients so that they can understand content put out in a more meaningful way.”

 Pencil Rocket will use Sonnant ‘Voice Intellect’ - a leading-edge technology that provides a complete digitalised content media experience, based on content learning principles, through the provision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) led transcription, search, captioning and translation capabilities to video and audio content – to give a multi-dimensional user experience.

 Mr Tan said “We are delighted to be working with Sonnant to provide this enhanced user experience for our clients so as to give the best experience we can to them. We are looking forward to seeing the difference this can make.”

 A spokesperson for Sonnant, Mr Arnie Tuchtan, said:

 “We know that future content media will need to have a strong digital approach that meets the demands of the modern user; as well as to be able to cater for diverse groups and be accessible to all.”

 Sonnant Chief Technical Officer, Mr Paul Crump, said: “The technology used for Sonnant Voice Intellect has many applications, but is currently configured to optimise and truly digitalise artefacts and provide users with a greater experience than ever before. Sonnant ‘Voice Intellect’ provides a better link to the manner in which users access and consume content in the modern age.”

 The Agreement was signed on the 18th September 2019 between Sonnant and Pencil Rocket.