Australian Technology Taken Global

A new Australian designed education technology, called Sonnant, has now been taken globally and will be able to be delivered in education institutions around the world.

International Student Solutions (ISS), an Australian organisation specialising in the distribution of education services, will provide this new technology to universities via its global network. ISS will use its representatives in USA, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, India and China – in addition to its Australian locations – to promote the multidisciplinary learning experience for students.

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The Sonnant technology gives universities the capacity to enhance their online education materials providing them the capacity to improve student success and retention rates through more fully engaging learners with their coursework.

A strategic alliance between International Student Solutions and Sonnant, an Australian company which created the Voice Intellect technology in Australia, will facilitate this project. 

ISS, with its global footprint for education partners, is continually sourcing new services to assist students, and has identified Voice Intellect as a potential game changing technology for enhancing the student experience and learning outcomes, as well as retention and completion rates –especially for those with barriers to participation.

International Student Solutions Managing Director, Peter Krikstolaitis explained,

“Our organisation is focused on providing quality services and products to our clients, and ensuring they have access to leading technology. The world is at a stage where the delivery of digital and on-line learning is increasingly used, and the manner of delivery has to better meet the needs of the students.”

“Voice Intellect is already in use in Australian universities; and the research undertaken on the impact of its delivery is very positive. We will use our international presence to take Voice Intellect globally; with a USA institution that specialises in on-line delivery already signed to provide the service to its students.

Mr Krikstolaitis said “Voice Intellect has the capacity to not only enhance the student experience, but also transform the manner in which universities deliver their courses to better align with the way students want to engage with their learning. Our staff, on a global scale, are excited about introducing Voice Intellect to our clients. We all see it as providing valuable support for international students and all who are engaged in on-line learning.


Sonnant is an Australian company which has created unique transcription software that provides enhanced digital learning that meets the needs of all students and is ideally suited to assist at-risk students who can access multi-dimensional learning in a way they have not previously.  

A spokesperson for Sonnant, Mr Arnie Tuchtan, said “We know that future learning will have a strong digital approach, and must adapt to meet the demands of the modern learner; as well as to be able to cater for diverse groups and be accessible to all. Voice Intellect is a tool that assists to achieve this”

Sonnant Chief Technical Officer, Mr Paul Crump, said “the technology used for Sonnant Voice Intellect has many applications, but is currently configured to optimise the outcomes in the education fields for both educators and students in that it provides an enhanced link to the manner in which students access and consume content in the modern age.”

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