The speed and accuracy at which Sonnant transcribes text has been noted as one of the most impressive features. In addition to this Sonnant delivers editable and searchable content (video/audio/text) with simultaneous multi-modal playback and content export. These easy to use functions create an environment to enrich learning experiences and support blended learning.


Audio to Word Transcription

The technology uses artificial intelligence to familiarise itself with the speaker and customised content. It transcribes audio and combines the video/audio with the transcription text making it into a digital artefact that extends normal lectures. This solution comes with a customised media player that enables students to play back (at the individual’s pace) video/audio and text of lectures simultaneously. Text can be downloaded and edited to make customised notes.


Searchable Lectures

Students can easily search through volumes of lectures to find the information they need, without having to trawl through numerous video clips. They can search how many times a certain word is mentioned in a lecture and immediately find, as well as playback, for each instance where the word is used. Having a system such as this can also enable students to retrieve content back from any period for content referencing.


Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.0

The system adheres to WCAG 2.0 standard which is crucial for inclusive learning which is in line with Universal Design for Learning principles.


Language Translation

The application allows students to translate any word with 'Thematic' translation over 15 languages. This has proved to help international students who have English as their second language.


Multisensory Experience

Combining a video lecture with readable text is a powerful visual experience which increases memory of content being covered. Further, progression of the video is facilitated by highlighted text in sync to ease learning and visual perception.  



Sonnant provides all consumption analytics so that administrators and lecturers can see trends and usage (who, what, when and how long). This gives lecturers instant and ongoing feedback post lecture. 

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