Sonnant is the smartest, fastest and most accurate transcription platform going around. Powered by AI and made for education, communication, learning and sharing. With Sonnant Voice Discovery Engine, everyone is included. When you are able to transcribe any audio file into a library of searchable content, then you have real power. Add a purpose built cloud-based learning platform with accuracy and your costs will be reduced and your valuable time saved.

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Audio, Video and Transcripts

Video and audio content is very popular and increasing. Transcripts, and on-demand platforms, improve the overall impact of your messages, get more traffic and boost engagement. Search allows seamless focus.

Save money and save time with a quick and accurate engine that learns and continues to improve.

Here are some features: Read | Watch | Listen | Search | Reference | Re-Watch | Download

There is Global search for all content for key words & phrases, a custom vocabulary and an Australian language module.

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Transformed learning

Sonnant caters to all learning styles. Students can easily search through volumes of lectures to find the information they need with multi-dimensional learning functions:

Download in PDF, SRT, DOC | Transcripts | Video | Index | Captions | Control Playback Speed | Edit | Global Search | Fast | Translate | Bookmark | Secure | Screen Resize | Keywords

Sonnant is LTI 1.3 compliant and will easily integrate with your existing LMS.

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Save Time and Money

With transcription you can save 80% in writing costs alone e.g. printing materials, transport and meeting rooms.

We also see a 60% reduction in time to deliver key information. Delight internal and external audiences.

Where a presentation uses slides, the text is synchronised to slides.

Your reach is now global, and rapid, with masses of benefits: Speed - accuracy - cost - engagement - accessibility - compliance - audit - learning & training - focus - search - discoverability

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Accessibility for disabilities

Sonnant supports the hard of hearing. 360 million people worldwide have hearing loss.

Compliant with mandatory WCAG 2.0 regulations. Easy to convert any audio file or URL and is easy to share.

In addition to those who prefer to read rather than watch or listen, one in 5 people need hearing assistance.

When you transcribe you are telling everyone that your audience is important, and you will increase your overall reach.

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Hosted, secure, global

Always on, always available, anywhere, anytime. It’s browser based and so easy for everyone to join in.

Fully hosted, AWS cloud based, secure, scalable, data sovereignty.

This is multi-dimensional learning and communication at its best.

Analytics - Return on Investment

Stop struggling to prove return on investment for transcription services. Sonnant provides analytics on consumption / use and behaviours e.g. text searched, time played, downloads, edit, pauses.

You will know who has engaged; what they engaged with and when.

This provides opportunities to improve engagement, identify gaps and ensure compliance.

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