We believe in the power of the spoken word and that the human voice is now the most important development in modern technology.

We have entered a transformative period in our relationship with both personal and professional technology, one in which our reliance on text and voice, to both command and consume, is increasing.

We want all of our customer to be able to benefit for these advancements and change the way they communicate.

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Tony Simmons

Tony is a customer and technology focussed CEO having built several global software businesses. Tony always puts the customer first and ensures that software always adds value to customers at every step along the journey.

Katie Browne
UK Business Manager

Katie is responsible for education throughout the United Kingdom. Katie believes that everyone should have equal access to the best education and is determined that technology is an enabler for every future generation of student.

Peter Krikstolaitis
Business Development & Marketing

Peter is a senior leader in education, spanning Australia, Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America.  Peter has gained experience from the private and public sectors in schools, vocational and higher education, universities and global career management.

Paul Crump
Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years experience in the speech recognition industry, including with Telstra, Genesys, Nuance and Interactive Intelligence. His work in strategy, architecture, implementation and consultancy is first class.

Arnie Tuchtan
Customer Experience Director

Arnie has over 30 years’ experience at executive management level across a number of disciplines, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations and IT. His mission is to work collaboratively and help higher education achieve their objectives.

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